Greetings & Salutations

Permit me to introduce myself. I'm a native Koch-era New Yorker with roots in the blue-green Caribbean. I'm a sucker for Battenberg lace & patent leather, & I've never quite grown out of biting my nails.  I’m also a stylist, a photographer, & owner of Bread & Butter Vintage, an Etsy boutique where I offer my hand-selected wares.

I've spent my life seeking & collecting treasures that were once touched & cherished by others. For though my feet remain planted firmly in the present, my imagination can't help but curve round the mysterious corner of times before I ever came to be, & my utmost fascination lies, has always lied, at the junction where these moments merge into one.

“It's very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present. You know what I mean?” said the inimitable Edie Beale. “It's awfully difficult.” And that’s a wonderful thing. Because even in times of disposability when manifest destiny dictates that landmarks make way for wrecking balls & mini-malls, it warms my heart to know that the company of masons that laid the original tiles for China's Forbidden City are still in business, still crafting tiles in the exact same way. Or that the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is patiently preserved with q-tips & water. Or that my new favorite dress once lindy-hopped the night away on a girl with the best pin curls at Roseland Ballroom.

What you can expect from me here is a diary of my doings, musings, passions, & inspirations --art, style, design, culture, & last but never least, all things vintage & the line where modernity meets antiquity, where that which is old, loved, & worn becomes once again brand new.


  1. Just read your feature on Etsy. congrats!!


  2. Congratulations on your feature!!! Your vintage boutique is beautiful with lovely finds and great photography. I am also a fan of Madame Gres the draping of her dresses is stunning. Congrats to you!!!


  3. Congrats on your feature in Etsy and best of luck with your new blog! Looking forward to seeing more :)



  4. Fantastic feature on Etsy, congrats! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog, especially being a fellow Etsian & NY-er. You have impeccable taste.

    Penny x

  5. good luck with your blog - I love your tasted in laces......

  6. I personally want EVERY SINGLE dress in that photo please...:-)
    Amazing article on Etsy. You must be thrilled to be featured!!!!
    XXXXX to you! Emily of EL Vintage

  7. We are kindred spirits, haunting, hounding, digging for those buried treasures.

    Loved the "featured artist" on the etsy blog. And your new blog is a cocoon waiting to explode into cyber wonderfulness..........


  8. Congrats on your feature, where in the Caribbean are you from, I am originally from the island of Bonaire. I am following your blog;)